ELD Reports

As you are aware, the trucking industry and the FMCSA has integrated the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). This creates additional challenges such as we have experienced within the Hours of Service rules.

One challenge is how the FMCSA, law enforcement and the legal community are using ELD data to verify truck locations and speeds and using that data in multiple ways. For example, all of the data available from the ELD is discoverable and must be produced when requested as part of accident investigations and associated lawsuits.

As a carrier, we must take steps to utilize the same data to protect our contractors, drivers and organization from a risk standpoint. As you may be aware, the ELD generates speeding data. As other carriers, when alerted to speeding issues, we must address those that consistently risk violating traffic laws by speeding over the posted legal limit. Across the Bennett Organization, we have elected to use this information in a proactive manner to reduce speeding violations. Our goal is not to cancel or terminate anyone’s driving privileges. However, as a company we can also be held liable for failing to address known driver behavioral issues.

Beginning next week, we will begin reviewing the speed data alerts generated from the ELD. We will incorporate a three-step intervention program to address repetitive speeding behaviors. Our main goal is to protect the driver and their CDL. Utilizing a rolling 6-month period, drivers who consistently speed will be subject to:

Level I: Awareness call from Safety or Contractor Relations
Level II: A follow-up call from Safety or Operations
Level III: Routed into a terminal for a full Safety Review

Once again, our goal is not to cancel or terminate a contract. We are very concerned for the safety of all our employees, drivers, agents and the general public. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our Safety Is Priority One commitment. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to the Bennett Safety Department.


Keith Copeland
Director of Safety
Bennett International Group, LLC.