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Know Before You Go

Drivers Beware! The Paperwork is Not always Right

Did you know that one of the major causes of cargo and property damage is that the driver trusted the measurements that were provided to him or her before setting out with the secured load?

Never trust the measurements you are given about the load! - Read More

ATTENTIONDriver Wellness Survey

Bennett cares about our drivers and the health of our drivers.

Please take a couple of minutes and take this short survey regarding driver wellness.

The survey will close on Sept. 8, 2016

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Safety Second

With more and more women choosing a career in the transportation and logistics industry, we want to recognize those women who chose Bennett and who have made a significant impact to the industry and in her community.

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Safety SecondBennett Safety Second #35

As we continue to look at crashes and preventability we must consider the traffic flow patters when accidents occur.  As you can see below an overwhelming percentage of accidents happen on two lane undivided roads.

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First Time Users

Attn: New Drivers: Please note that you are not automatically enrolled with when you are leased onto Bennett. To enroll yourself using your truck or contractor number, please click here.

Safety Notices

Information FMCSA Announces Changes to Reporting of Adjudicated Citations...Learn More
Learn more
Buckle up! If a contractor or driver is written up or cited for failure to wear their seat belt, it will result in TERMINATION of lease.
All drivers must have a updated signed lease agreement in their truck. All information must be correct including VIN number... Learn More
Please make sure you have self certified and turned a copy of your medical card... Learn More

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