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February 2018 Safety Teleforum

ATTENTIONBiggest Loser Challenge

The Drivers Biggest Loser Challenge begins Monday, Jan. 15th and will end on Monday, March 12th. Forms and full details below. Sign-up deadline is Friday, Jan. 12th.

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Good Luck & Healthy Eating!

ATTENTION!Attention All Drivers – 2018 Fuel Tax Reporting Changes

Fuel Tax is going to be calculated on a monthly basis automatically, whether your trip reports and fuel receipts have been turned in or not.

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Safety SecondTake A Second for Safety - Week #8

Topics: Vehicle Maintenance, Hours of Service, Fast Lane Speed Sharing, Accident of the Week

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NEW EFS CardControl App is available

Safety Second

The new apps allows drivers to access their EFS card functions while on the go. Manage your cards from your mobile device.

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Safety Notices


2/23/18 - *HOS Alert* You cannot use personal conveyance to drive beyond the 11 & 14 hour rules. Call the log department with questions. Drive safe.


2/22/18 - *Unsafe Alert* driver cited in Tucson, AZ for not wearing his seatbelt. If he cannot get this removed, he will be cancelled. Avoid Unsafe Driving.


2/21/18 - *Unsafe Alert* Driver written up Monday in SC for following too close. Don't put yourself at risk of an accident. Focus on speed and space.


2/20/18 - *Safety Alert* Driver in MT slid on ice and into snow plow. Stay patient and drive at safe speeds. Focus on safety.


2/19/18 - *Safety Is Priority One* ZERO Unsafe and ZERO Accidents. Thank you. Focus on speed and following distance. Drive smart, stay safe.


2/16/18 - *Safety Is Priority One* Reminder:  At 55 mph, it takes the length of a football field to stop a large truck.  Watch your speed and following distance.  Drive smart, stay safe.

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