ATTENTIONBailey Foster Scholarship

Each year before Symposium, we provide our high school seniors with the opportunity to earn the $5,000 Bailey Foster Scholarship Award.

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ATTENTIONSC & RA Scholarships and Grants Available for 2017-2018

Because Bennett is a member of the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association, their scholarship program is available to our employees, agents, spouses and children pursuing a 4 year degree.

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5x Ultra One points Through Dec 1st

Safety SecondTake A Second for Safety - Week #45

The FMCSA monitors DOT accidents as part of their measuring system to determine if trucking companies have effective safety programs that limit risks to the motoring public. Many times, you will hear our safety team referring to DOT accidents. These are all accidents....

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Safety Second

NEW EFS CardControl App is available

The new apps allows drivers to access their EFS card functions while on the go. Manage your cards from your mobile device.

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Safety Notices


12/08/17 - *Safety Alert*, Driver cited in OH for failure to maintain lane. Once stopped, cited and placed out of service for logs not current. Focus on safe driving.


12/07/17 - *Safety Tip*, In rainy conditions, create more space for stopping distance. Make sure all tires are legal and inflated properly. We appreciate all that you do. Drive defensively.


12/06/17 - *Safety Update*, Quality pre-trips will prevent you from receiving bad inspections. Check lights, tires, and make sure extinguishers are charged and secure. Safety is Priority One.


12/05/17 - *Safety Alert*, Driver written up in FL for missing scale. Looking ahead and eliminating distractions will prevent you from missing scales and cars coming from nowhere. Focus on driving only. Stay Safe.


12/04/17 - *Safety Alert*, Two drivers cited for speeding in IN & GA. Both said they were following the flow of traffic. Don't place your record and safety at risk. Drive smart, be safe.

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